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EvaluACT has several high-impact projects with organizations and communities currently in progress. As demonstrated below, our work has great depth and breadth, extending from high urban density locales to remotely rural communities. Read more about the impacts we're achieving with our clients!

To date, we have raised over $1.5 million dollars for our partners to design, implement and evaluate innovative and highly impactful programs and initiatives to improve quality of life.

Featured Projects: News & Resources

Sexual and gender-based violence in rural Alaska communities

This participatory action research project examines the historical, economic, political, and cultural underpinnings of sexual violence against Alaska Native women in rural Alaskan communities. Through survivorship storytelling, women survivors of violence were interviewed over an 18-month period in remote communities in rural Western Alaska. Preliminary results of this work have been utilized by service professionals working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to improve practice.


Creating a culture of health and wellness in K-12 schools

EvaluACT is actively working with Healthcare Integrated Services (HCIS) to evaluate and help refine their integrated health care clinic model and medical apprenticeship program for high school students. HCIS currently has an onsite clinic at a high school in Compton, CA and can provide healthcare services and training to youth throughout Southern California. Preliminary findings from our evaluation identified a need for them to enhance their substance abuse treatment services in order to reach a larger number of students. Thus, EvaluACT identified a low-cost evidence-based practice to address substance use problems among youth that could easily be incorporated into their daily practice and helped them to secure funding from Kaiser Permanente to implement it. EvaluACT also regularly assists in disseminating findings from the ongoing evaluation activities to various stakeholders including school board members, funding agencies, and legislators at both the state and federal level. To learn more about this school-based clinic and its apprenticeship program, go to

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