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About EvaluACT

About Us: News & Resources
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Our Story

EvaluACT, Inc. is a consulting business based in the greater Los Angeles area. Our team is comprised of seasoned researchers, evaluators, and policy analysts with over 40 years combined experience working in the fields of research and evaluation, community engagement, organizational development, capacity building, and sustainable solutions. Utilizing a transdisciplinary approach, we merge the expertise of multiple disciplines in order to find practical solutions to pressing social problems. Founded on the core values of social justice, community empowerment, resilience, intercultural respect, and organizational authenticity, EvaluACT is committed to supporting organizations as levers of action and change at individual, family, community, and systems levels.

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Our Values

Social Justice

Fair and just opportunities for all


Community Empowerment

Foster, promote and advocate the community ability to recognize, claim, and influence positive outcomes in all matters.


Fostering Resilience

Rapid response and recovery from challenges


Intercultural Respect

Develop consciousness that helps individuals acknowledge, appreciate, and collaborate with people from diverse cultures


Organizational Authenticity

Support and honor unique vision of each organization


Our Philosophy

What can you expect in working with us? If you have never partnered with EvaluACT before, you are in for a welcome treat. Our approach to working with our clients is entirely informed by our company value, organizational authenticity. We believe in employing a strengths-based model whereby we capitalize on organizational fortitude and resilience to enable short- and long-term change.

Our approach is informed by an explicitly client-centered approach. Because a one-size-fits-all approach is neither practical nor beneficial to establishing a partnership, our work with you is based on an authentic strategy that acknowledges, prioritizes, and centers your unique situation, realities, and goals. Our goal is to help your organization generate an energy that can support creativity and growth.

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